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At the end of your rope with your dog's problematic or dangerous behavior?

Tired of struggling?

Want to get a handle on puppy nonsense?

We can help.

"Kassie was able to achieve much more with Vader than we'd dreamed possible. Anatolian Shepherds are known to be headstrong, but from the first session she was showed a knowledge and professionalism in training that was thorough and humane, and incredibly successful. You won't find a better or more professional trainer anywhere!"

Larry K. + Vader

120lb Anatolian Shepherd

Previous Issues:

Jumping on people, pulling on leash, jumping fences

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Hi! I'm Kassie! I use my background as a horse trainer, engineer, and manager to "cut the crap" and give YOU the tools and knowledge to create an amazing dog that you've always wanted. 

Take your dog (yes, even YOUR dog) anywhere with the confidence that they will be attentive and responsive to you. Have guests over without worry about your dog embarrassing you with their bad behavior. 

Living with a badly-mannered dog is tiring. I get it. Wouldn't you like to ENJOY your life with your dog? We can help. 

"Kassie has been an excellent training resource. Over the past few years, I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to address my dog’s behavioral issues myself and with other trainers. Now, for the very first time, I’m finally seeing consistent results with Kassie. Her vast knowledge and eager, straightforward attitude are incredibly refreshing, and her years of personal training experience are a real confidence booster. My dog and I are both much happier thanks to Kassie!"

Katie K + Felix

Shepherd/Pit mix

Previous issues:

Reactivity/Aggression, wouldn't allow nail trims, leash pulling

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We're different., really. We're actually different. 

When you sign up with us for a private training program, you’re signing up for a result. 


You’re not paying for a set number of lessons or a set number of hours of our time so we can download a set amount of knowledge into your brain like a mindless computer. 

You’re investing in a result. 

You’re investing in the peace of mind that will come with achieving your goals. 

You’re investing in your dog. 


 As long as you’re willing to put the time in, we’re with you until you achieve your goals. We’re here for you. We’re here for your dog.


You ready to see some incredible results?

Let’s do it.

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Private, Individual Training
dog behavior modification
Behavior Modification
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Client Perks
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Puppy Training
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Board and Train
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Day Training

See what we can do for you...

"Kassie has completely transformed our home with her training techniques. We are so happy we chose her. She is easy to work with and will give you the tools necessary. Use them, and you will be happy with the outcome!"

Christy B + Hannah

Pit bull mix

Previous issues:

Reactivity/Aggression, disruptive in the home, not attentive to owner

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Contact Us

Kassie Coverdale Business Branding 05.20-By Rachel Griffin Photography-17.JPG

Kassie and Hope at Engineering Change Training

West Lafayette, Indiana

Please note that the easiest way to get in touch is via the form below. You will likely be redirected to this form if you contact us in other ways. 

Are We Right For You?

If you're looking for the cheapest option around, from someone who gives you just enough information to survive, and who spends most of their time talking about the problem instead of solving it... We're not that.  


But if you're looking for incredible results and top-notch support from someone who understands what you're dealing with and has an excellent track record for solving problems exactly like yours... who can dive in and show you what you've been missing...

You've come to the right place. 

Remember... You get what you pay for.

And we're good. 

Damn good. 

See what we can do for you...

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