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April 9-12

Play as the Way: Social Responsibility PLUS Defensive Tactics with GRC Dogsports Founder, Jay Jack

2 full days dedicated to Play-Based Training and Social Responsibility, PLUS a full day dedicated to the critical skills of Defensive Tactics with GRC Founder and internationally renowned dog trainer, Jay Jack. Attend one or both seminars.

What is GRC?
Gameness, Relationship and Control.
GRC Dog Sports is a new breed of dog sport club. It seeks to celebrate and test not only the dog’s gameness, but the relationship with the handler, and the dog’s self control. For more information see:


Friday and Saturday, April 9-10:
Play As The Way: Social Responsibility Foundations:
This will discuss the concept of using PLAY BASED TRAINING to teach the skills needed for social responsibility. Participants will learn the several novel ways to use food including the Treat Chase Game, and how to use structured Personal Play. You will learn the Red Light Green Light Game on a retractable leash, as well as Pressure And Release, and a complete system of tactical leash handling skills. The Rub Down to put relaxation on cue will also be covered. This Seminar should give you all the skills you need to prepare to pass GRC Dogsports Social Responsibility Test if you choose to pursue that goal.

Working spots $475, Audit spot (no dogs) $350. Limited to 8 working spots.


BONUS: Social Responsibility Testing in the works for the evenings after the seminar.


Sunday, April 11:
Here are a few examples of some of the topics we'll cover:
-How to break up dog fights
-Defensive leash skills
-How to address a dog that turns on you
-How to develop defensive skills through game play

The skills covered are critical for anyone who works with dogs in any capacity - doggy daycare workers, shelter employees, dog trainers, pet owners, etc.


All spots are working spots with NO DOGS. Cost is $175 for single day - discount given for participants of previous two days of seminar.

Hosted by Engineering Change Training at Pooch Palace Resort in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Boarding will be available on site for working spot dogs.

Covid safety protocols will be in place.

Tickets for sale here.