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Structured Social Play Groups

Everyone wants their dog to have doggy friends, but dog parks can be dangerous, and not everyone has an area to allow their dog to be off leash. We run structured social play groups to help teach dogs how to properly interact with other dogs so they can have healthy doggy friendships! No matter how much they may struggle with other dogs now, we can help!

Our classes are designed to facilitate healthy dog-dog interactions and to help teach dogs social skills required to develop into friendly, social dogs. All dogs need social interaction, but dog parks can be dangerous, and not all dogs have the social skills to be able to interact with other dogs in a healthy way. We're here to help.

As a professional trainer, I don't typically recommend dog parks. They can be centers for the spread of contagious diseases, and you never know the temperament of the dogs that are there. Not all dogs know how to play appropriately, and in a dog park situation, it's very easy for owners to check out and not pay attention to their dog's unhealthy play or bullying, leaving your dog susceptible to fallout from an over-exuberant dog that's out of the owner's control. Our social groups are a healthy alternative that will fulfill your dog's needs for social interaction in a safe way, while teaching them social skills at the same time. 

When: 2 Sundays per month

Where: Pooch Palace Resort - West Lafayette

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